Why The Buttons On Women Shirts Are On The Left

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You might not have noticed or must have been wondering why the buttons on females shirts are on the left while the one for the men are on the right.

Well it is related to an age long theory that it all has to do with the well-known fact that women can’t dress themselves. Many moons ago, it was a lot harder for females to get dressed. As LiveScience puts it: “Depending on the era, men might wear waistcoats, pantaloons, gaiters and wool jackets. But women’s clothing was far more elaborate, and could consist of a dozen or more garments including petticoats, bloomers, gowns, corsets and bustles. Thus, especially in middle- and upper-class society, men generally dressed themselves, whereas women did not. Instead, maids and servants might spend an hour or more dressing the lady of the house.”

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So, it’s long been thought that women’s buttons were placed on the opposite side to cater to the servants dressing them.

That conclusion has been concluded to be mythical.

Scientifically, In Man and Woman: A Study of Secondary and Tertiary Sexual Characters, 1894, Havelock Ellis writes that the right-to-left buttoning of women’s tops was adopted to make a point that women ‘seem inferior to men’ in ‘strength and in rapidity and precision of movement,’” writes Jess Edwards for Cosmopolitan U.K. “As women began to borrow more of what were originally considered clothes for men, e.g., trousers, shirts, the buttons were placed on a different side to signify a difference between the two.

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There is also another theory that says it is designed so, in order to make breastfeeding easy.

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