Natural Skin Care Ritual

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some  natural mixtures you never knew works for human

Pure honey + Extra virgin olive oil =skin moisturizer

Pure honey + Brown sugar = Face/Body exfoliator

Baking soda + Lemon juice = Remedy for body odor

Vaseline + White sugar = Lips exfoliator

Milk + Honey = Cleopatra bath

Rice water + Lemon =Face toner

Raw honey only = facial mask

Rosewater + Beetroot juice OR Carrot juice + Beetrootjuice = Pinklips naturally

Lemonjuice + Honey = Remedy for dark knuckles

Sugar + Lemon juice + Extra virgin olive oil = Scrub for dark neck

Turmeric powder + Milk + Lemon juice = Dark spots removal

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Milk + Honey = Cleopatra Bath

Red onions + Honey = Hair growth

Honey + Hot bath water = Dry skin

Liquid Castle soap + Honey + Glycerin = Facial wash

Fermented rice water = Dandruffkiller

Lemon juice + salt = mouth odor remedy

Beeswax + Honey + Olive oil = Dry skin

Extra virgin olive oil + ginger oil = Hair growth oil

Fenugreek powder + Water = Breast enlargement

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