Lagos’ Landlords, Tenants, In Disarrays

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Most Landlords in Lagos have not had a good relationship with their tenants, while just few of them live without quarrels. The city of Lagos popularly known as the center of excellence is a place dominated by people from different tribes with different attitudes. The landlords and tenants issues have always been a major case the policemen in Lagos settles frequently.

We made a research through interviews to get reactions from Lagos landlords. Alao Adekunle is a landlord of four face me and face  you apartment located at Oguntade, Sasa. He said ”Last year, i’v been in  Afonka police station to settle cases between I and my tenants, the next time i will be coming to this world, I pray never to meet these sets of tenants, they have become a torn in my flesh” he added.

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Kadijat Taiwo is also a landlord of a house located at Orisunbare, Lagos. She said ”My own tenants are almost inheriting my house simply because my husband is late and my two daughters are married. For two years now, they have refused to pay their rent even after presenting a notice to quit, some people are so greedy” he added.

We also went further to speak to some tenants who shared with us some of their moments with their landlords.

Olajide Emmanuel  is a tenant in a house located at Orisunbare, Sasa, Lago. ”My landlord is a selfish man, whenever he collects his house rent from us, he will never renovate the house, he would rather threaten to drive us out of his house.

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